Well, that is probably the end of my fresh flower offerings for this year. My garden got a patchy frost last week and the zinnias are now done. The cosmos and dahlias are still going strong but I’m leaving those for the bees; along with the fall asters that are their favourites.

I did make one last arrangement for myself while reflecting on this past growing season and what I’m thankful for. Sunny blue skies, bright colourful flowers and being able to work in the garden along side nature all feature in that list as well as many personal things too.

Do you have something you are especially thankful for this year?

Coming up on Saturday October 15th

I am please to announce I will be back at 613flea at Aberdeen Pavilion, Landsdowne Park next weekend. I will be there with lots of dried flower wreaths, bouquets and more. Now that most of my flowers have dried I can get to work making some beautiful long lasting and sustainable gifts for you to choose from.

Looking Ahead to Next Year

If you are keen on having your own cut flower patch then now is the time to get started. Autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs that will be ready for picking in the spring. Garden centres should still have a good selection of tulips, daffodils and allium bulbs. And some other local flower farms have some for sale too to check them out as well. (Such as Roamflora, Wildling Acres, and Blooms Next Door) Coming in a huge range of flower colours and sizes, these bulbs hold our garden dreams underground over the winter and burst forth in the early spring and the following months in a dazzling spectacle to start the gardening season.

In a later newsletter I’ll also explain how you can start some seeds outside over the winter for flowers next year. What a great way to end this gardening year by having something already planted to look forward to!

You can always contact me if you have a question or custom order!

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