seedling sale

Cut Flower Seedlings for Sale

Now that most of my garden is planted up I have a few cut flower seedlings left over which I am selling for $3 each or 2 for $5

Cosmos seedlings

2 types ‘Purity’ which are white and “Daydream’ that are pale pink with a rosy throat

Sweetpea seedlings “Black Knight”

Helipterum roseum “Sensation Giants”

New to me this year but they are going to be a lovely everlasting daisy type flower

Bunny Tails grass


Another lovely dried flower

Snapdragons – Antirrhinum majus

Rocket mix and Costa mix

Tagetes ‘Taj Mahal’

Not your average bedding type marigold but a 50cm tall version with an abundance of small flowers

Ammobium alatum – winged everlasting

Massed of small white flowers great for drying

Potted dahlia tubers $12 – all are single flower types – I grow these because the bees love them!

Unnamed varieties originally from seed. Bishop’s Children types – Purple to deep bronze leaves with tall stems that support single flowers in a mix of colours of yellow, soft orange, deep red, burgundy, and bicolors too. 

Contact me for more info on colours

Sprouting Dahlia tubers – unplanted $6

These are a yellow and orange single flower type

I have limited quantities – So while supplies last.

Contact me to purchase and arrange pick up.

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