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We are fast approaching the May long weekend when it is traditional to start planting up our gardens. The weather this May has been challenging, with days of record breaking heat that forced the tulips and blossom to burst open and then heavy rain that flattened everything. Many of my seedlings have been delayed by… Continue reading SEEDLING SALE, EVENTS and MORE

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Seedling Sale is Finally L I V E!

It has taken a while to get this seedling sale uploaded and live. It is not perfect but is is done! Scroll down to see what I have for sale. Love-in-a-puff climber seedlings in cardboard tubes Please note that many of these seedlings come in compostable containers like paper pots and cardboard toilet roll tubes.… Continue reading Seedling Sale is Finally L I V E!

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Cut Flower Seedlings for Sale

Now that most of my garden is planted up I have a few cut flower seedlings left over which I am selling for $3 each or 2 for $5 Cosmos seedlings 2 types 'Purity' which are white and "Daydream' that are pale pink with a rosy throat Sweetpea seedlings "Black Knight" Helipterum roseum "Sensation Giants"… Continue reading Cut Flower Seedlings for Sale