I'm so happy you are following along on my flower journey! As a special 'Thank You' I am having a SALE on anything on my current order form. Sale starts now and runs until sold out or November 20th. As followers of my blog you are getting advance notice! I will announce the sale on… Continue reading NEWS UPDATE and SALE


The End of one Season and the Start of Another

The fresh flower season is now well and truly over. The recent frost finished off the dahlias and cosmos and they are now heading to the compost bin. I did manage to pick the last few stems of flowers and had fun displaying them as a group in bud vases. This rose was an added… Continue reading The End of one Season and the Start of Another



Well, that is probably the end of my fresh flower offerings for this year. My garden got a patchy frost last week and the zinnias are now done. The cosmos and dahlias are still going strong but I'm leaving those for the bees; along with the fall asters that are their favourites. I did make… Continue reading HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2022


This Week’s Flowers – June 28

Around this time of year all of the things I think of as meadow flowers start to bloom. For me that includes cornflowers, ox eye daisies, scabious, buttercups, yarrow and, of course, wild grasses. I always make myself an arrangement that reminds me of those long summer days spent picnicking in beautiful meadows, watching the… Continue reading This Week’s Flowers – June 28



At this time of year, with temperatures increasing and the day length still getting longer, there is a sudden burst of growth on everything and it seems hard to keep up with what's happening in the garden. Flowers and lushness abound! I had no trouble stopping for a while today though to watch the busy… Continue reading EARLY JUNE AND THE FLOWERS ARE COMING – PART 2



It has been a wild ride these last few weeks. Raising seedlings, getting them all planted and off to a great start relies on the cooperation of the weather. The cold, then scorching heat delayed things a bit but then on the day of my seedling sale Ottawa was hit by a massive damaging storm.… Continue reading EARLY JUNE AND THE FLOWERS ARE COMING!

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We are fast approaching the May long weekend when it is traditional to start planting up our gardens. The weather this May has been challenging, with days of record breaking heat that forced the tulips and blossom to burst open and then heavy rain that flattened everything. Many of my seedlings have been delayed by… Continue reading SEEDLING SALE, EVENTS and MORE

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Mother’s Day and More

We are all still waiting in anticipation of spring finally arriving. The flowers are telling me that growth is easily delayed by 2 weeks compared to the last 2 years. This is one of the reasons that I do not offer fresh flowers for Mother's Day - we can never tell from year to year… Continue reading Mother’s Day and More

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Spring Update

Hello Spring! Today finally felt like Spring arrived with blue skies, birds chirping and lots of activity in the garden that did not include shovelling snow. The sweet pea seedlings are now out in the greenhouse and I seeded some more hardy flowers as well as some lettuce, arugula, broccoli raab and kale in the… Continue reading Spring Update