Holiday or Christmas Ornament Gift Bags

Happy Holiday Season! Outside the snow is falling and I am busy crafting unique handmade gifts to decorate your home and bring a little bit of the past summer and nature inside.

Each ornament is unique and lovingly made with flowers grown by me from seed – carefully nurtured all summer long then harvested, dried and added to my designs. Wreaths and stars are woven from suitable garden material and the flowers are added without the use of plastic or wire making each one compostable when it reaches the end of its life after years of enjoyment.

Glass Bauble filled with dried flowers, petals and grasses

All come with matching or contrasting fabric ribbon which is either linen, wool, silk or cotton and therefore reusable or compostable too.

Gift Bag Contents

Gift Bag Contents
Glass bauble with dried flowers and petals $15
Red dogwood woven star with dried flowers $10
Mini vintage wrapped bouquet $15
Wooden ornament with dried flowers $6
Mini wreath with flowers $8
Flower in glass jar $6

Individually $60 value but in this gift bag for $45

Whether you keep them for yourself, or give as gifts, they are also ideal as gift tags to add a special individual touch to presents.

Mini wreath used as a gift tag

Mini wreath, wooden ornament with flowers and flower in a glass jar

Comes wrapped in tissue paper in a paper bag with gift label + bonus mini wreath. No two are the same so photo gives you an idea but actually look of contents will vary. If you would like specific colours or colour combinations please just ask and I’ll do what I can to accommodate your request. 

Woven star with flowers

Order now! These will be available for contactless pick up starting Monday November 30th until supplies run out. I can accept cash or e transfer.

Contact me to order or find out more. I’m happy to chat and put together a custom order to suit your requirements.

Thanks for supporting and buying local this season!

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