Dried flower wreaths

Looking Forward at 2021

The snow is gently falling and covering the garden with a cosy white blanket. All the plants and flowerbeds are now dormant until the snow melts in Spring ….months away yet …. but Rosalind’s Garden Blooms is not sleeping!

After a quiet Christmas and New Years the planning starts for 2021.

Have you packed away your festive decorations? Is the house looking a little bare without them? Do you need to bring a little bit of cheer to your lockdown home?

I have some dried flower wreaths available now for purchase. They look lovely hanging on a wall, propped up on a bookcase or flat on a table as a centrepiece. Where would you put yours?

Wreaths Available Now

Shimmery silver and grey wreath – approx 12″across on an 8″ woven red dogwood base

Price $50

A mainly white design featuring paper daisies on a 6″ red dogwood base to a max width of 12″

Price $35

Pinks and purples approx 12″ wide on an 8″ woven base with a vegetable dyed silk ribbon

Price $45

Contact me here to order and arrange payment and pick up.

Payment by E-transfer or cash. Pick up from my home near Mooney’s Bay or in Hintonburg.

All handmade with flowers grown in my garden. In crafting my wreaths I do not use wire, plastic or glue so they are completely sustainable and waste free.

Carefully looked after they will last many years and will slowly fade over time. Please dispose of in the compost not garbage.

There will be more coming soon! You can also contact me to request a custom order.

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