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Seedling Anticipation

There is a lot of anticipation happening over here in the garden as I wait for things to start shooting up and growing.

Multi headed Tulip “Antoinette” about to burst open. I love all the green and white markings on the leaves and flower heads while I wait!

Now the weather should be warming up, the sun shining and the next round of blooms about to happen. We seem to have been waiting a long time for warmer days and nights after a bit of a false start back in April.

White Bleeding Hearts

It is also time to get the seedlings properly hardened off before they can get planted out. I’m also working on my list of seedlings that will be for sale and aiming to get them listed here on my website blog and order form early next week.

Lavender “Spanish Eyes” hardening off to get them ready for planting.

So make sure you follow along by signing up to my blog if you are looking for some unusual cut flower seedlings!

I’m looking forward to seeing what these multi headed tulips look like! What are you looking forward to seeing in the garden?

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