These Rudbeckia ‘Sahara” in my garden are making me smile today.

Rudbekia ‘Sahara”

They are just so cheerful and make a gorgeous splash of colour with so many different shapes and shades of flower.

A mix of different colours and shapes growing in a group together.

One of my Rudbeckia ‘Sahara’ plant is now going into its third year of growing. These are usually grown as an annual by cut flower growers but I have successfully overwintered them. As a “no dig” gardener I try not to disturb my soil and therefore just cut off the plants that are done for the season instead of pulling them out of the ground. You might think that this would cause a problem in my raised beds but I find by the time spring comes most of the remaining stems and roots have been broken down adding nutrients back into the soil.

It saves me work and is good for the soil! It also means that when I removed my cover of leaves in the spring and found the Rudbeckias where re-sprouting I was even happier.

A great garden plant and cut flower

I hope you will give a few different varieties of Rudbeckia a try too.

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