The year is ending and we are rapidly heading for 2022!

It has been a strange year…not just for me, but for for the whole world. Who would have thought that we would still be living through a pandemic that has not yet gone away? My own cancer diagnosis, surgery and health struggles meant I had to put offering flowers for sale on the back burner for a while.

Spring Flowers

But as I look back over the year there are definitely some highlights. These include my fundraising for Parkdale Food and Causeway during February when Morning Owl Parkdale hosted a month long sale of my dried flower bouquets, my spring seedling sale where I got to see old friends and new as they came to pick up orders, designing and planting up a neighbours yard with all my leftover seedlings and seeing it transform into an amazing flower filled garden buzzing with colour and life (more on this in a upcoming post), relaxing and enjoying my own garden full of flowers, birds and insects all season long.

Although I was unable to attend any Markets this season I did finally make it out in October to Parkdale Market for Taste of Wellington West where some amazing volunteers used donated flowers to help me decorate a flower wall. Any thanks to your great community support we were able to raise close to $600 for the Parkdale Food Bank.

Flower Wall at Parkdale Market in October

In my attempt to look after myself better I made the decision to not offer any special dried florals for sale in the run up to Christmas. Sorry if you had planned on purchasing something. The good news is that I have loads of dried flowers in store and will be thinking up some great offerings in the New Year! Watch this space for news of that!

Dried Flowers ready for crafting in to wreaths

Winter is the perfect time to review your garden and plan for next season. Browsing seed catalogues is a favourite pastime at the moment, and I will also be taking stock of my saved seeds too.

So as I review the year I am thankful for your continued support and look forward to lots of new things in 2022!

2 thoughts on “LAST POST FOR 2021”

  1. You have had a difficult year but shown amazing positivity and determination.
    I can feel the joy you get from growing your plants and the love and beauty your flowers reward you with for caring for them.
    A happy and prosperous 2022.

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