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Care Tips for Dried Flowers

We are fast approaching Valentine’s Day and if you are committed to buying locally produced gifts and flowers you will obviously not be looking for a dozen red roses! Here in Ottawa we are in the depths of winter and there are no flowers growing right now. So if you do not want to buy flowers that have been shipped across the continent or flown half way around the world what are your options?

Locally grown dried flowers are a great choice and earth friendly.

Fortunately at the end of last summer I harvested and dried flowers from my garden to use throughout the winter. Carefully selected and arranged into bouquets, in vases or on wreaths, these flowers are bright and long lasting. With care they will last for many years while slowly fading yet retaining their beauty.

I often get asked how to care for them and how long they last.

Here are my tips for getting the best out of your dried flowers.


  • Dried flowers are fragile so handle gently.
  • Keep away from moisture – The best way to keep them looking good is to avoid getting them wet. If you really want to, you can put them in the bathroom but they will not last as long.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight – this will help them retain their brightness as long as possible.
  • Keep away from heat sources. Too close to vents or fireplaces and they will become brittle faster. And definitely keep away from candles and open flames.
  • Gently blow off any dust if it accumulates.
  • And please do not spray with hairspray!

When they come to the end of their life or you grow tired of them, I would suggest have fun and playing around with them. Save any stems that are still looking good and make into little bunches to attach to gifts, use as hair decorations or mini buttonholes. If you are really creative you can rearrange a few stems in a vase and get a whole new look! I also use the fallen petals and flower heads arranged across the table as a cute decoration for special occasions or store and display them in a decorative jar or bowl for fun.

Then eventually, when it is time to say goodbye all my flowers are fully compostable in the green bin or your home compost bin.

If you have any questions or comments then get in touch!

This photo shows a wreath that has been hanging in Morning Owl Parkdale for just over a year and it still looks as bright and fresh as when it was first placed there.

1 thought on “Care Tips for Dried Flowers”

  1. Great information for keeping dried flowers looking fresh for a long time.
    Amazing colours on all your arrangements . 💖

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