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Little Dried Flower Easter Bouquets

Today I’m enjoying making up the last of these beautiful little dried flower bouquets for Easter 🐣

I picked out lots of round or egg shaped flowers and seed heads to match the mini eggs in this delicious biscotti made by Inspiring Olivia

Inspiration for designs can come from all sorts of places and I love this quote by Christin Geall.

“In the garden or the flower shop, the spark for a design is often prompted by a feeling of astonishment. Something new blooms or arrives and you simply must have a closer look.”

Christin Geall  from her book “Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style” published by Princeton Architectural Press

I’d love to know what helps you find your inspiration? Drop me a note in comments.

You can also find these bouquets at Morning Owl Parkdale this week – be quick – only while supplies last!

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