This Week’s Flowers – June 28

Around this time of year all of the things I think of as meadow flowers start to bloom. For me that includes cornflowers, ox eye daisies, scabious, buttercups, yarrow and, of course, wild grasses. I always make myself an arrangement that reminds me of those long summer days spent picnicking in beautiful meadows, watching the clouds sail by and listening to the insects hum.

Many of these are not authentic meadow flowers but they recreate that meadow feel. As always, there is no floral foam used in the design. Instead I use chicken wire and rocks to secure the stems.

How to find my flowers for Canada Day weekend.

Flowers are a great way to celebrate and they bring joy to both the giver and receiver. So if you are looking for beautiful, natural garden flowers to add to your celebrations this week I have bouquets and jars of flowers available for pickup.

Contact me here to order a fresh bouquet filled with flowers and foliage and wrapped in Kraft paper for $40. I also have pretty jar arrangements for $25. Pick up is from my home near Mooney’s Bay on Thursday between 5 – 7pm or Saturday between 2 -4.

I am also back at the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market at 3191 Riverside Drive on Saturday July 2 from 10 – 12 and you can order from my selection of Market bouquets for pick up there. Find the form here.

I also have been enjoying the spectacular display the smoke bush has been putting on.

Beautiful smoke bush looking like a pink cloud.

The garden flowers are really starting to burst into bloom now and it is exciting to see the buds forming on lots of the annuals. There is so much more beauty to come and I look forward to making you a bouquet soon.

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