We seem to have been waiting for ever for the snow to melt and winter to end here in Ottawa. Then Mother Nature threw in an ice storm. Less than one week later and we have skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer weather with temperatures forecast over 20C later in the week.

It is crazy conditions but I was certainly glad to see the snow melting, the sun shining and be able to sit outside with a cup of tea!

In the patches where the snow has melted I found my first snowdrop and some crocuses!

In my seed starting room things are growing well and some pricking out and potting on has happened too. Have you started any seeds? It’s not too late – there’s still lots of things I haven’t started yet. Later this month I’ll sow cosmos, zinnias, calendula, nasturtiums and more.

If you have tried sowing seeds and it didn’t work, don’t give up, try again! Last year I had no germination from a packet of dahlia seeds so when I came across the same packet in my stash of seeds this year I didn’t expect much from it but thought I’d try anyway. Well, this time they all germinated and I was so surprised! I have also found I get great germination from my own saved seeds.

Here I accidentally sowed way too many Ammobium alatum (winged everlasting) seeds. It was my first time saving these – they are tiny and I did not expect such great germination! Pricking these out is the next urgent job on my list!

I think there will be lots of extras in my seedling sale in May!

Coming up on Saturday April 15th

I had such a great time meeting new people and chatting with everyone last month I’m going to be doing it all over again! I will be back at 613flea with my dried flowers and some new products perfect for Mother’s Day gifts.

If you have seen my ‘Summer in a Jar’ series you’ll know I love to capture a little scene with flowers. Here I have used shadow boxes for both collections of flowers and also individual flowers. Perfect for hanging on the wall on standing on a shelf. Let me know what you think of them in comments👇

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2 thoughts on “APRIL UPDATE”

  1. Hi Rosalind,

    What a pleasure to find you in my mailbox this morning!

    I was just thinking about you while I was putting around watering my house plants a moment ago – I wondered how your garden was doing. Does Rosalind have flowers in her garden already?

    Thanks for the update Rosalind.

    Have a great day!



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